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  • Yes, we charge for samples. 
  • You can only sell in your designated territory, in Korea.  If you wish to be our distributor in Vietnam, you must sign a dealership agreement.
  • Please submit your company name and contact, type of business and product needs in "Inquiry" section.
    We will give you prompt reply.
  • Please submit inquiry, with your projected volume. 
    At this moment we only do T/T.
  • It is bright, red FND digital display. 
  • Yes, our DPF-HL model is specifically designed to work with a fan controller.  It opearates fan at variable speed within preset minimum and maximum pressure range.
  • We recommend DPC-DIF.  It is a model specifically built to monitor fluid control and measure differential pressure.
  • Yes, it is available.  For R717, nipple will be replaced.  Stainless steel will be used instead of brass.
  • No, our product's pressure range is -1 ~ 50 Kgf/㎠, or -.098 ~ 49 bar.  Please use it within our recommended performance range, or sensor will fail.   
  • Yes, all our models have manual reset on High Pressure.  You can choose between reset and auto in SET mode by selecting A for Automatic, and H for Manual.
  • We recommend you construct a shielding wall, and noise filter before installing.
  • Yes, communication method is optional at additional cost.  Method of communication used is RS 485, with modBus RTU protocol.
  • Yes, we can.  Default unit is kgf/㎠, but can be programmed to measure bar or mpa.  Please specify your preferred unit when ordering.