Green System was founded in 2004, with the aim of becoming technology leader in HVAC business.  We always have strived to be on the cutting-edge, and our history evidences fruits of our dedication and hard work. In 2004, we created a system which bought together pressure gauge and pressure switches of refrigeration system and combined them into an all-in-one switch, a ground-breaking feat that would make multiple gauge and dual switches thing of the past. 

Later we added digitalized sensors to our device, which added another dimension to our product and furthered its technological advantages.                     

In January 2007, we designed a digital pressure measuring and controlling device called the DIIGIPRESSURE (digital pressure) and won the Trademark and Patent for 'freezing apparatus for controlling a digital multi-pressure switch'.

Digipiressure symbolizes our endeavor to becoming a leading technology company, and it is a product that continues to evolve, by updating new features such as fan control, and remote-communication technology.